Activate iPhone emergency SOS now | iPhone emergency sos Hindi

  • In setting search - Type SOS select (Emergency SOS0

  • On call with side button (Hit three time to start call to Emergency service or selected contacts)

  • On Auto call - if you want dial immediately or keep it off if you want to choose option

  • Setup Emergency contacts and Health Details

  • On Emergency access - Show when locked (Dr will check before operate you so he can treat accordingly)

  • Add your Pic

  • Edit or continue with name

  • Add date of birth

  • Add medical condition (If you are suffering from any pre existing

  • Add any medical note

  • Add Allergies or Reactions

  • Add Medications

  • Add Blood Group

  • Add Organ Donor ( For U.S. only now, if you want to donate any body part, so you can add this)

  • Add Weight

  • Add Height

  • Add Emergency contact numbers

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