National Technology Day

Technology day

  Wish you all a happy technology day, in today's era, it seems like a day without technology is not possible.

  The whole world is going through a big tragedy today and in such a situation, we are safe to a great extent, so with the help of technology

  In different places, people are not only able to talk to people, they can also see each other and in such a situation, the comfort that you get is priceless.

  We are all connected to each other today with the help of technology and we should thank those who have played an important role in uniting the world with technology using their skills.

  The presence of technology in life is a sudden change, but everything also has some negative aspects.

  And we should not lose sight of the impact on the children in technology, due to the mobile phone, the survivors today are going to work physically and in such a situation, we have to take a pledge to keep away from this bad habit.

  Best wishes to all of you once again on Tech Day

  Thank you


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