We all do business with and for our family religion, whatever the business, our aim is to earn as much as possible for our family and if we get more, we do not hesitate to change ourselves, But are we not responsible for our country, or do we have to think now that I am sending any message from my country, what is the means, no, we can write for our country wherever we want, there is no restriction in just words. Should have tolerance, I know the issue that I have raised is not easy, there will be hurdles in it, but there is no problem in working easy. It is also estimated that not all countries have their own compulsions, it is necessary to be able to benefit the country, but I have not tied myself to compulsions. But such tasks are not alone, it is necessary that everyone needs unity, and in the hope that I send a message to the group that my family is large and I will understand easily and I have success, and if my Even if some of the family does not give consent, it is our duty to respect their point, and that is why I am not ashamed to apologize, This campaign is very big, some people will not be able to complete it together, we will have to reach more and more people, it was astonishing to see the report yesterday, China has achieved 80 percent poverty reduction in the last 20 years and that Even with our money, and it did not happen like this, their policy and country love is clearly seen, nothing should force us, keep it, some salons before we lead an ordinary life. Area were today bringing not happy to be something, obviously still not everyone is satisfied, but now have to sacrifice mind trust me If we can make our own things for our needs, then not only our supply will be sacrificed, our Majdoor will also dream of a new and golden life, why today our Majdoor gave up in 2 days of lockout, why he does not have so much money Earn a few days in a lockout-like situation to feed your family There are a lot of things to say, but then it does not happen that someone's heart is unhappy, yet if anyone feels wrong about my words, then I apologize but I have not learned to stop, just keep on walking. Many thanks to all of you for agreeing with me. I have created a hashtag with which you can continue to write on Twittr, Linkedin or Facebook so that more and more people can join us, Hashtag - #NoChinaProductsNow Thanking you all

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