Why don't people understand, you have to stay at home, nothing else

We are sitting at home with full expectation thinking that soon the Corona chain will break and we will all be able to live a simple life again.

But some strange thinking people are not ready to understand or they are different from the whole world, it is difficult to understand.

With such people, the government will now have to think differently from the better laws of our country, because they are probably taking advantage of the simple nature of India.

But now is not the time to do more thinking whatever you want to do, Mr. Modi, otherwise these people will not think at all in trying to control your efforts.

Today, in a video, I saw a three-year-old daughter in front of her mother, who was not able to meet her, because the mother of this daughter is a nurse and for the last fifteen days she has been engaged in the treatment of corona patients in the hospital so that she can relieve herself. To be broken

My appeal is to all those people who are working against the country and humanity at such a time, if nothing else, at least worry about your family, then maybe you understand something

With hands folded, what a shame to be wise

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